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Welcome to MK Spices! We are a family-run business that specialize in bringing ethnic spices and spice blends from their growing areas, right to your kitchens. All of our spices are selected for its premium quality and freshness, so when you add them to your food, they release bounds of aromatic flavours - giving an irresistible flavour and taste!

We specialize in authentic Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican spices and Seasonings and many more.
   Ajwain - Organic
   Allspice, Ground
   Allspice, Whole
   Alum Powder
   Alum, Whole
   Amchur Powder
   Amchur Slice, Dry
   Anise Seed
   Anise Star, Whole
   Anise Star, Ground
   Apple Cinnamon Green Tea
   Assam Tea Leaves
   Barbeque Seasoning
   Bay Leaves
   Black Cardamom Pods
   Black Salt, Fine
   Black Salt, Whole
   Black Sprinkles
   Blue Sprinkles
   Blue Sugar
   Breakfast Blend Coffee Beans
   Brown Sprinkles
   Butter Pecan Coffee Beans
   Butter Salt Popcorn Seasoning
   Cajun Seasoning
   Cane Sugar - Organic
   Caraway Seed
   Cardamom Seed
   Cardamom, Ground
   Cardamom, Whole Green pods
   Cayenne Pepper, Ground
   Celery Salt
   Celery Seed
   Chamomile Herbal Tea
   Chicken Tikka Masala
   Chilli Flakes
   Chilli Powder
   Chilli Powder - Organic
   Chilli, Whole
   Chinese Spice Set
   Chipotle Powder, Pure
   Cilantro Flakes
   Cinnamon Sticks-Sri Lankan Cinnamon, 5 inch
   Cinnamon Sugar
   Cinnamon, Ground
   Cinnamon-Cassia, 15 cm
   Cloves, Ground
   Cloves, Whole
   Coconut Palm Sugar - Organic
   Coffee Shop Blend Coffee Beans
   Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans
   Coriander Whole - Organic
   Coriander Powder - Organic
   Coriander, Ground
   Coriander, Whole
   Corn Sugar, Dextrose
   Cream of Tartar
   Crispy Fried Onion
   Cumin Ground - Organic
   Cumin Seed
   Cumin Seed - Organic
   Cumin, Ground
   Curry Leaves, Dry
   Curry Powder, Indian
   Dark Brown Sugar
   Decaffeinated Coffee Beans
   Demerara Style Sugar
   Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning
   Dill Seed
   Dill Weed
   Dried Lemon Peel, Grated
   Dried Orange Peel, Grated
   Earl Grey European Natural FlavourTea Bags
   Earl Grey Tea Leaves
   Egg Curry Masala
   Espresso Riserva Coffee Beans
   Fajita Seasoning
   Fennel Powder
   Fennel Seed
   Fennel Seed - Organic
   Fenugreek Seed
   Fenugreek Seed - Organic
   Fenugreek, Cracked
   Fenugreek, Ground
   Fish Curry Masala
   Five Spice, Ground
   French Roast Coffee Beans
   French Vanilla Coffee Beans
   Garam Masala Powder
   Garam Masala, Whole
   Garlic Powder
   Garlic Salt
   Garlic, Granulated
   Garlic, Minced
   German Chocolate Cake Coffee Beans
   Ginger, Ground
   Ginger, Root
   Golden Yellow Sugar
   Green Sprinkles
   Green Sugar
   Green Tea Bags
   Green Tea Bags, Decaffeinated
   Green Tea Leaves
   Hazelnut Cream Coffee Beans
   Herb de Provence
   Hibiscus rosehip Tea Leaves
   Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Fine
   Ice Tea Mix
   Icing Sugar, Confectionery
   Indian Spice Set
   Instant Dissolving Sugar
   Irish Cream Coffee Beans
   Italian Seasoning
   Italian Spice Set
   Jalapeno Cheese Popcorn Seasoning
   Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
   Ketchup Popcorn Seasoning
   Kosher Salt
   Kosher Salt Substitute
   Lemon Pepper
   Mace, Whole
   Mexican Chilli Spice
   Mexican Spice Set
   Mint Flakes
   Mint Powder
   Mocha Java Coffee Beans
   Montreal Chicken Spice
   Montreal Steak Spice
   Moroccan Mint Green Tea Leaves
   Mustard Powder
   Mustard Powder, Hot
   Mustard Seed, Black
   Mustard Seed, Black - Organic
   Mustard Seed, Yellow
   Mustard, Cracked
   Nutmeg, Ground
   Nutmeg, Whole
   Onion Powder
   Onion, Flakes
   Onion, Minced
   Onion, Salt
   Orange Pekoe Tea
   Orange Sprinkles
   Orange Sugar
   Oregano, Dried
   Oregano, Ground
   Panch Phoron
   Paneer Makhanwala
   Parsley Flakes
   Peppercorn Black, Cracked
   Peppercorn Black, Ground
   Peppercorn Black, Whole
   Peppercorn White, Ground
   Peppercorn White, Whole
   Peppercorn, Pink
   Peppermint Herbal Tea Bags
   Pickling Salt
   Pink Sprinkles
   Pink Sugar
   Pomegranate Seed
   Pomegranate Seed, Ground
   Poppy Seed, Blue
   Poppy Seed, White
   Poultry Seasoning
   Purple sprinkles
   Purple Sugar
   Rainbow sprinkles
   Rainforest Organic Blend Coffee Beans
   Red Rose, Tea
   Red sprinkles
   Rock Salt
   Rosemary, Dry
   Sage, Dry
   Sea Salt, Coarse
   Sea Salt, Fine
   Seasoned Salt
   Seasoning Set
   Sesame Seed, Black
   Sesame Seed, Natural
   Set of 8 Salt
   Set of 8 Sugar
   Smoked Paprika
   Smoked Sea Salt, Fine
   Sour Cream Onion & Chives Popcorn Seasoning
   Spice Set for King
   Star Quins
   Steak Spice
   Sumatra Dark Coffee Beans
   Summer Savory
   Table Salt, Iodized
   Taco Seasoning
   Tamarind Pulp
   Tandoori Masala
   Thyme, Dried
   Turbinado Brown Sugar
   Turmeric Powder
   Turmeric Powder - Organic
   Turmeric, Whole
   Vanilla Beans
   Vanilla Hazelnut Creme Coffee Beans
   Vanilla Sugar
   White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning
   White Fine Sugar
   White Sprinkles
   White Sugar
   Yellow Sprinkles
   Yellow Sugar

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