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Welcome to MK Spices!

We specialize in bringing ethnic spices and spice blends from their growing areas, right to your kitchens. All of our spices are selected for its premium quality and freshness, releasing bounds of aromatic flavours that enhance the taste of your food.

"Our vision at MK Spices is to help you create rich and decadent foods to bond over with your family."

My family immigrated to Canada from one of the largest metropolitan cities in India, known today as Mumbai. With our two children, who were 10 and 13 at the time, my husband and I were very passionate about building a new life for our family. Approximately a decade later, MK Spices was born out of our home in Toronto. The idea of bringing spices to the western world came from the passion and experience of creating delectable foods in our home country. These foods were filled with abundant spices and herbs from various regions of the world - including India, Mexico, China, and Italy.

As a mother of two children, I believe in the importance of cooking fresh foods that fill our homes with aromatic smells and that give our children a healthy start to life. Foods that are rich in flavours, allow families to come together at the dinner table. With our busy working lives, food is often given a secondary priority. Our mission and vision here at MK Spices is to help your families create rich foods that develop rich bonds within the members of your home. Our belief is that families that eat together, stay together.

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